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Sometimes a story can teach much more than entire philosophical treatises.

s from all over the world have used storytelling as a medium to convey their messages of wisdom.

One such religion is , which for centuries has used parables, anecdotes, fables and tales to help people develop awareness by offering them enlightening insights and moral life lessons. This culminates in the teachings of , a tradition famous for using short stories extensively to arise in dhist monks and students a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of reality.

Gautam-.com is a collection of our favourite short stories, translated in English by various translators. Some of them are easy to understand, others need more time to ponder at, but all of them are profoundly meaningful.

Whether you’re dhist or simply a seeker on the spiritual path, these short stories will assist you in your journey to peace and contentment, if you pay them close attention and let them talk to the depths of your being.

Apart form the dhist short stories, we have also included articles and contents that reflect on the life of , his journey to enlightenment, the origin of , ’s teachings, followers and so on.

May you learn and enjoy.