After discovering the sufferings of man, Prince a renounces his family and worldly possessions to be an ascetic and attains enlightenment through years of penance.

Legend Of is a wonderful animated movie in Hindi. The journey of how Prince became , The Enlightened One. The movie features spectacular animation technology to narrate the story of right from his childhood till the day he attains Nirvana. The story reflects qualities of truth , morals and sacrifice for the younger generation

Directed by: Shamboo Falke
Produced by: Stalin Saravanan
Written by: Caarthick Raju and Ramesh Karthikeyan
Starring: , Mendler
Music by:
: Balasubramanian
Edited by: Roopak Ghadei
Production company: Ltd
Distributed by: dom Animasia Inc.
Release date: 22 October 2004

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